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This is your life!

Dramedy based on true events


Three women and two men are scammed into attending a shared workshop at a remote campsite.

They have different backgrounds and values, which leads to conflicts over the course of seven days.

Eventually, they discover commonalities and learn to work together, enjoying the time at the camp site in the end.


Status: Treatment

Yo, Cinderella

Contemporary fairytale for the stage


Cinderella is a single mother who is abused by her stepmother and stepsister.

Her fairy godmother appears to her and offers her a chance to go to the ball, but she must leave before midnight.

Cinderella meets the prince at the ball, and they make a deal where she will help him find his true emotions in exchange for him leaving her alone.

The prince falls in love with Cinderella, but she remains focused on helping him achieve their goal.

Eventually, they both realize they are in love with each other and live happily ever after.


Status: Treatment

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